Dating psychotic woman

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And that can boost the odds that he will stick with his treatment, even when things gets tough.

A doctor will set up a wellness plan with your loved one that will include specific goals.

If he’s acting out hallucinations, stay calm, call 911, and tell the dispatcher he has schizophrenia.

While you wait for paramedics, don’t argue, shout, criticize, threaten, block the doorway, touch him, or stand over him.

On your smartphone, you can also download the Psychiatric Crisis Resources Kit app (from the Treatment Advocacy Center).

It has state-specific standards on emergency hospitalization and can be useful in a crisis.

Most people with schizophrenia are harmless to others.

They’re more likely to hurt themselves than anybody else.

Those things happen to a lot of guys and many of them think that it is their fault or that those things only happen to them because they did something wrong. One reason why I tell my stories online is to show other guys that they are not alone and that they are probably not the problem..women are the problem in most cases. So someone I know targets them exclusively for roots.When someone with schizophrenia has hallucinations (hears or sees things that aren’t there) or delusions (believes things that aren’t true, even when he gets proof that they’re false), he believes they are real.It doesn’t help him to challenge his beliefs by saying they’re not.I personally have given up on the pump and dump scene myself. Giving support to a family member or friend with schizophrenia means helping him get the medical and psychological treatment he needs.

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Instead, tell him that you each see things in your own way.