Dating namibia windhoek

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Dating namibia windhoek

NLPN targets out-of-school youth as well as illiterate and disadvantaged adults.Its aim is to enable them to participate effectively in national development.The majority of Namibia’s population of 2.1 million (2007 estimate) depends on agriculture and the informal sector for subsistence.Societal problems mainly arise from and are reflected by the disparities in income distribution, unemployment and poverty.Unlike the basic literacy programme, AUPE has its own curriculum which includes general knowledge in addition to language and numeracy.The “language of business” is also an important component of this curriculum. There are four compulsory and two optional courses.Linking literacy to livelihood skills development, particularly in poor rural and peri-urban communities, is therefore critical for the enhancement of the communal subsistence economy and its integration into the mainstream national cash economy as well as for the improvement of people's living standards.

In rural areas, the average unemployment rate is 40% compared to 30% in urban areas.

The literacy phase of the NLPN adult basic education programme comprises three formative one-year training stages, each averaging about 240 learning/lesson hours: In the second year (Stage 2), the medium of instruction is still the mother tongue, and the key objective is to enable learners to improve, consolidate and sustain the literacy skills and experiences acquired in Stage 1.

In addition, Stage 2 also introduces learners to functional literacy and life skills, incorporating issues related to agriculture, health, small-scale business entrepreneurship, environmental awareness and civic education.

Thereafter, they participate in monthly in-service or refresher training courses.

A learner-centred methodological approach is used for literacy teaching and learning.

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The teachers are also employed on a part-time basis and the programme recruits about 2 400 literacy teachers annually.

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