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Recommended reading: How to Support your Spouse Emotionally One of the best corrective methods would be to visit the psychologist for a psychological therapy or psychological counseling.

For one reason or other, there may be lack of mutual understanding in the primary relationship.

But the questions here is that what are the Reasons Why Married Men Fall in Love with Other Woman?

In addition, in this blog, there are also three videos: Not just the celebrities like films stars, industrialists, politicians, sportsmen, authors but the common man also is also having extra marital affairs or just flings.

So what are the traits of a narcissistic personality and if your partner is diagnosed as suffering from the disorder, what is the best way of dealing with narcissistic men in relationships?

At some point in the relationship, you may have to decide if the bad times far outweigh the good times.

Dealing with a narcissistic man is not easy and for anyone suffering from low self-esteem, it can be an extremely self-destructive relationship.

But as well as understanding how best to cope with the traits of a narcissistic personality, it is also essential for you to understand that there might come a point in the relationship when you must leave for your own sake.

Dealing with narcissistic men in relationships is challenging.

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So, let us explore the reasons why married men fall in love with other woman.