Dating iceland men

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To be honest, though, there is no need for more incentive than put it: The Icelandic government has never offered grants to immigrants for marrying Icelanders, regardless of gender.

So that is it for the ,000/month to marry an Icelandic woman.

But come on, I know you are here for more than travel inspiration.

Icelandic women are stunning, hands-down, even though they pretty much live in the middle of a beautiful nowhere.

Iceland is one of the countries where people are the most no-drama about public breastfeeding, abortion, being childfree, choosing career over family etc.

In general, you will notice that there is much less controversy around these issues in Europe, as opposed to the States.

Iceland is more than just your favourite hipster travel destination.

A few days ago a friend of mine got a pretty fun Facebook message.

Not only did a fifth of the country’s population come out and march for female rights, 90% of the women in the country went on work and domestic strike. Women are crucial to the country’s prosperity (or even existence) and it is about time they got the rights and power that corresponded them.

Those were the mothers and grandmothers of today’s young Icelandic women.

Thus, neither feminazis nor extreme conservators are common in Iceland.

A place which has topped the World Economic Forum’s gender gap index every year for the last seven years and that the Economist named the world’s best place for working women, is definitely not your best destination for submissive, old-fashioned ladies.

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Reputation and ‘being the good girl’ are a concern for Icelandic women. It would be a bit of an overstatement to say that girls don’t get slut-shamed, though. She probably runs into ex-boyfriends or lovers on a daily basis.