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Does this mean they are not ‘ready’ to see their parent remarry or they aren’t ‘ready’ to see their parent date?

However, my partner’s other adult married child says that he isn’t ready to meet me, and doesn’t know when he will be ready.Another family event is coming up soon, and I have already been told by my partner that he will not ruin his relationship with his adult married child. I understood this better a year ago as I had not met everyone yet at that time, but now one year later and I have met everyone, and they have been more than accepting of us together as a couple. I feel he is not being sensitive to my feelings regarding this. Thank you What stands out here is the emphasis on the word “ready”.What is meant when an adult child steadfastly maintains, “I am not ready” to meet your new love?This is critical to remember; because each relationship is different, each period of mourning will be different as well.Without knowing the details, it does seem in Babs’ case, patience is paramount if there is to be any hope of a future relationship between Babs and her new partner’s children.

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  1. : de ce fait, s’il est permis de les copier pour un usage strictement privé (fond d’écran par exemple), il est interdit de les réutiliser pour quelque utilisation que ce soit, et notamment pour les diffuser sur Internet, MERCI !

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