Dating elko nevada 42

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Dating elko nevada 42

They STILL threatened to teacup over down the steep grade as we walked them!

Once on a more reasonable slope fifty yards down the trail, we mounted up, and tore down the mountain.

Since I moved to Vegas, Elko seems pretty remote - a seven hour drive is nothing to sneeze at - but when Thomas told me about his bikepacking plans I knew I had to suck it up and get to cowboy country to join him. We both count it as a moral victory every time we use a bike instead of a car to get from A to B, and we both have a couple of multi-day road tours under our belts.

But neither of us had ever done any multi-day off-road riding, or “bikepacking” as the hip outdoor magazines call it.

We bombed down, bags and tents and jaws rattling as we let the bikes and gravity take control of our fate as we held on with white-knuckled hands.

At one fortunate turn in the path we are able to self-arrest enough to dismount before the next yet-more-steeper- plunge and walk our bikes down.

Standing on that ridge we were surrounded by lupine flower buds, just a week or so away from opening into stalks of purple flowers.

Independence Valley spread out beneath us, cut across on the left by the thin dual lines of the interstate cutting a geometrically perfect line to the first horizon more than ten miles distant.

The adventure began to take shape when I got a call from an old friend up in Elko.We swooped underneath I-80 on an underpass and peddled yet higher than the highway on disappearing gravel roads until finally we found ourselves pushing our rides up a single-track path too steep to ride.The payoff arrived when we finally hit our summit, a couple of hundred feet above the crest of the highway.I passed off my keys to one of his coworkers who drove my car back to Elko.We would follow the remnants of Old US-40 and unmarked two-track and cattle roads over the formidable Pequop mountains, across wide Independence Valley, pass through Wells, Nevada, and then snake beside the serpentine course of the Humboldt River until we arrived in Elko.

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It was replaced, transformed, or circumnavigated section by section by the hulking four-lane-divided I-80 from 1956 to 1986.

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