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Some collectors have gone to extensive lengths to properly catalog the years of each Schrade knife model’s production.Old Timer knives’ values vary greatly from one to the next, depending upon how rare and desirable they are.Co” on the first two lines, followed by “Walden, NY” on a third line, with “Germany” beneath it.From later in 1904 to 1917, the company spelled out “Schrade” in an arc, with “Cut.

Some “old”-style Schrade knives are actually much newer than they seem, which could make it harder to verify their true worth.Schrade released several anniversary-edition knives over the years, which look almost exactly the same as the older originals.After Schrade closed in 2004, Taylor Brands bought many of the trademarks and reissued some of the more popular Schrade models.This stamp, located near the base of the knife blade, identifies the brand of the knife.Schrade Cutlery Company changed the tang stamp, or logo, numerous times over the years.

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