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Dating and luann de lesseps

This season reportedly shows Luann "recovering from the divorce and jumping into the dating scene again," according to .One anonymous source told the outlet that Luann is "dating tons of people," while another said, "There’s nobody serious." But that was back in September, fresh off the bombshell announcement — made just days after shooting the reunion special — that her marriage had crumbled.She chose to retire from the popular franchise because she wants to focus on her “upcoming projects.” She may have also dropped a hint about getting married.It’s still unclear and fans aren’t sure what to think.

Most of these people are not actually friends offscreen. So when a new lady gets thrown into the mix, you never know if there will be chemistry or not. Barbara’s bad chemistry is our good fortune, because now we get to spend the off-season speculating about whether we will get a replacement New York Housewife for next season.

While details about Leah remain scarce, allegedly she likes people who text her back.

Apparently Leah and Tinsley are hanging out, which is good because Tinsley needs a partner when Face Timing her embryos.

On Wednesday, August 28, the Real Housewives of New York City star opened up in an interview with TMZ about finishing probation, her decision to stay sober (for now) and fellow OG Bethenny Frankel‘s unexpected exit from the show.

Bethenny Frankel announced her shocking retirement from the Real Housewives of New York.

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The franchise took a heavy hit with the announcement of Bethenny Frankel’s departure.

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