Dating a forgetful guy

Posted by / 26-Jan-2021 01:20

Dating a forgetful guy

This man seems like a great catch and a great prospect because he’s been in several long-term relationships before.In fact he might even hint to wanting a relationship with you.There isn’t enough consistency to get to know each other but he keeps asking you, so you continue to say yes.

The idea of him might seem exciting but its keeping you from actually finding the right guy for you.He isn’t a fan of anything, it’s a wonder he’s even alive.This man thinks the world is weird or wrong, stupid, or pointless.He is a black hole for positivity and he makes everything you do together a chore.He may have seemed opinionated at first but deep down he just hates everything or is struggling with his own identity.

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But deep down this man wants comfort and convenience. He is happy to settle down as long as it’s not permanent.