Dating a fellow grad student

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Please RSVP and submit anonymous questions and suggested topics here.I'm a Phd student in a fairly good Engineering program, and for the last several years, I have been single.I'd also like to second the idea that you go to graduate school mixers.I also made good friends through programs sponsored by my university's graduate school.For example, a law student isn’t going to simply say “I’m a student.” Oh, hell no.I earned these bags under my eyes and my first gray hair that I shouldn’t have gotten until at least my early thirties. While these 2-4 years are often horribly challenging and we are inevitably losing years off our life, most of us wouldn’t change it for the world. So cheers to all the grad students out there, and stop reading this because you probably have homework to do.

In a lot of ways I think it's easier than if you were an adult in the "real world" since you're part of this extended community. You will be able to determine how many dates and when you go on them (roughly speaking).

I just find it hard to go out and even meet other people, let alone single women who would potentially like to go out with me. I TA'd a class and one of the students asked me out the class was finished.

I'm in my late 20s now, and it looks like it won't be getting nay easier. And to the others who aren't - How did you meet your current SO? Initially I said no, but I checked the policies and it was fine as long as she wasn't my student at any point in time.

We thought we’d have everything together at this point.

” their new job is and how they just made 1,000 dollars in commission this week. While people are actually MAKING money for their pain and exhaustion, we are spending it.

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Whether it’s medical school, law school, or any other graduate level program, every grad student faces pains and struggles only we can understand. Instead, our cars are losing their paint jobs and we are losing our minds. We are similarly or more educated than those posting new photos of their shiny new 2015 Honda Accord or their copper key to their new 3-bedroom home. So while everyone else is buying their third round of beers because they get paid on Friday, my insides are eating at me for my one beer imaging my bank account move farther from green and closer to red. You are READY for a relationship right now, because you are educated, and you have your stuff together!