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I was bored because my friend was dancing and this guy seemed more interesting than staring into a wall.

It turned out that the wall would have been a bundle of joy compared to him.

Again, I am not a fan of people or loud, fast music.

Are you really the intrepid adventurer that your dating bio describes, or are you in fact a home bird who went as far as Tijuana on her J1?

Are you a bona fide fitness enthusiast, or are you still resting on your laurels after completing your first and only 5k run in 2015?

I only spoke to him for ten minutes when he suddenly started laughing and said, 'I can’t believe you thought I was going to fuck you. The loud music in the bar made it impossible for him to hear what I shouted at him as he was walking away.

I think that might be why people like him enjoy nightclubs. I have been chatted up at 2am by men who seemed close to crumbling under the pressure of needing to 'pull', and who had hoped that I would be grateful for their attention.

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I was of the opinion – or hope – that if only I didn’t think about being fat, maybe people could not see that I was.