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They have faced, and weathered, more than their share of storms. • Were you attracted by my “opposite” traits when we were dating?The key, Chuck says, is nothing fancy—simply obedience to the Lord. • Have we survived despite our differences, or because of them?Physical attraction is trumped by the pure love of God that couples can show one another.True love is willing to wait and patiently allow the relationship to grow in God’s timing.

Every day there are opportunities for the faith of couples to falter.

As the world’s ways are not God’s ways, it is essential that we search the Scriptures to know His will and gain understanding of how to live as one in marriage.

These posts are great for individual study, but we encourage you to go over them as a couple in a weekly devotional time or during Couple Connect. They are topical in nature, but are founded upon the whole truth of God’s Word. Thankfulness is Good for Your Marriage Godly Heart…Godly Marriage Part 1: Start in the Right Place Part 2: Renew and Guard Your Minds Part 3: Follow the Royal Law of Love Part 4: Trust God’s Correcting Path God’s Plan for Success in Marriage Part 1: The First Step Part 2: Acknowledging Your Own Sin Part 3: Repentance Part 4: Forgiveness Part 5: Restoration Is Your Marriage Prepared for Battle?

It’s an awesome feeling of freedom when couples encourage one another to grow spiritually.

This signifies a greater maturity in the relationship that will only strengthen it.

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The couple could be at a different level of spirituality and yet still help each other grow with times of prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with other believers.

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