Current recordset does not support updating access shane west dating now

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Current recordset does not support updating access

Open "Provider=oledb.12.0; Data Source =G:\Logistik\Enhet Grngesberg\Tidsrapportering\Tidsrapport.accdb" Recordset. I've change from Share deny Write in one of the dataconnection strings and did following test : 1) write data via VBA to db - OK 2)Updated the table from db via dataconnection - OK 3)added data to write to db and runned the VBA - FAIL.So in the scenario above, you would need to have Access 97.Your 2nd link describes how to convert a replicated d B to the accdb format.Personally I use random quite a bit to discourage those users who have permission to see them from considering them to have any meaning - particularly order of entry.However you do need to check with your client - they may still be using replication.

Runtime Error code = 3251 Sub Save To Db() Dim New Con As ADODB.

Because if i update any of the Data Connections in excel for import new data in table format and then tries to run the VBA code that write data into DB the error occurs again.

I believe that there is all other data connections that are causing this trouble.

There are many instances even now when it has it's uses - I support several systems with clients who need it because they are literally in the middle of a field with no internet access, or at a show where internet access is patchy at best - and anyway, access doesn't work well over WAN/VPN - often too slow.

I don't use the 2003 access replication method but have developed my own which is more focused on the actual requirements of the application rather than replicating everything.

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Hi all, this little program sends data from the defined range below. Open "Dat_Tidsrapport", New Con, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic For Each rng In rng.

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