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Croatian dating service

I am employed in a computer center and as I live in a house surrounded by I am Me, nobody is like me I love almoust everybody with good soul, love nature, animals. I wish to everyone of us live in good and prospect life.Not too tall, 194cm high, I am a confident and somewhat unconventional man. I have had two marriages and am not looking for another one.

I am Matejm from Croatia(EUROPE) I am owner from golf course called dolina kardinala in Croatia,find it on g00gle.Reasonable, considerate, trustworthy, too busy, always taking care of others but becoming aware of how much I missed.Someone wants to help me to make up for what I missed? Enjoy movement and Born in Zagreb where I bought a new apartment that you only need to set up, so I live temporarily in Stubičke Toplice and travel to Zagreb.Take your time and browse around to search for other users that have similar interests to you.Feel free to message them go out with them tonight.

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Once I asked a British person how often he sees his best friend. Let’s get back to solving the riddle of Croatian rudeness. You’ll always be able to count on their heartfelt generosity and honesty. And your why: so you can have the best possible time here. How do you break the ice when the ice is an iceberg? Knowing a single Croat can open more doors for you than chatting to a bunch of locals in the street. There’s bound to be one Croat among them who can hook you up with a local. Connect with people who’ve traveled in Croatia Find someone who’s already been to Croatia. It’s a community where we share tips and tricks about the the Croatian way of life, so whatever question you have – we have an answer. You see, a tool invented in the USA doesn’t work in the same way around the globe. But what gives a place its appeal if not the local people?