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Steve escapes and, after one final night out before starting his duties, decides to indicate he is really the son of God to humanity by turning night into day over the small area of the football stadium at Maine Road (he lets people know about it by advertising on the internet).

The feat attracts the attention of the world's media.

The Chief Superintendent of the police, who is also possessed by a demon, has them thrown out, saying that even if it were there, Steve would not be able to make his broadcast to the world.

Having failed to discover the Testament, the people of the world hide in their homes, fearing the world's end.

One of the few people who believes him is a young Catholic priest, who mentions an obscure Christian text that mentions that the lamb will be sent to the city of the North, followed by a series of numbers that turned out to be map co-ordinates.

Steve himself has no idea what the third testament will be; he receives too many candidates to figure out which one is the real one.Davies and Red's founder Nicola Shindler took the project to the BBC, who quickly turned it down; it found a home on ITV, a channel that had gained a reputation for producing mainstream, unchallenging, "middle-of-the-road" drama in recent years.Screened over two successive evenings in prime time on Sunday and Monday, 9–10 February 2003, The Second Coming gained viewing figures of over six million.In a deleted scene, it is revealed Satan also wants God to return to being the merciless, angry God of the Old Testament.Later, it is revealed that Steve's earthly father could not have fathered him as he was born sterile, another indicator that Steve is really the son of God.

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During the next few days, Steve miraculously survives several attempts made on his life, including a bomb going off in a pub in which he is drinking.

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