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O having a hot lady in his video, Zico joking about Nicki Minaj’s ass, U-Kwon posting pictures of his dogs, and now Jaehyo’s sand girlfriend.The common theme of these campaigns always seems to be punishing the members for their “infidelity”–whether it be with non-Korean fans, actual girlfriends, random celebrities, models in videos, or you know, big piles of damp beach sand.The thing is, they’ve done it before, and I can tell you from experience that lawyers are very expensive and whatever satisfaction you get out of using them tends to evaporate after you get the bill.

I think my girlfriend will be surprised as well that I’m writing a post like this.’I wanted to be closer with my fans but wasn’t able to because of small incidents and misunderstandings which upset me gravely.

Even when we do call him, he says that he’s in the middle of working on new music or just asks to talk later.” He continued, “Honestly, Zico has a bit of an intimidating aspect to him, as he is our leader.

I think this is because he inevitably works the hardest for our team.

Whenever I was going through a hard time or about to fall, she was always by my side and supported me to stand back up again.

When I talked about my first love recently, the person I was talking about was Jun Sun Hye, a model four years my senior.

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So Jaehyo got irritated by some remarkably stupid hate he was getting on his new You Tube channel.