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It is quite common that too much Classic ASP developers have coded "On-the-go".

This can result in unstructured and messy scripts that are hard to evolve, and sometimes almost unmanageable.

Well developed, Classic ASP site / application has absolutely no blush, and offers really excellent performance.

Let us help you rediscover the potential of your existing codebase through our work of optimization, redesign, streamlining, troubleshooting or rewriting.

This introduce useless complexity in code structure, while ignoring the use of beneficial OOP (Object-Oriented-Programming) concepts. We use it in an efficient manner on a daily basis, and are able to produce 100% clean code.

Here are some of the most common glitches your existing code may suffer from.

If you need help to extend your existing code base, please contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss it in detail. NET has a more advanced logic and structure, and supports more recent programming paradigms, including some encouraging the separation of MVC layers.

However, the training cost of your teams, the deployment complexity and the compilation time of an ASP.

However, the architecture and coding of an application or site in ASP can be improved to achieve an excellent level of performance.

Our Classic ASP maintenance and support service is ideal if you need to do one of the following: We understand the business implications of each project before coding anything.

This unique skills mix makes us able to provide a very end-to-end approach.

As of today, more than 900.000.000 pages programmed with Classic ASP are indexed, not to mention all those used in intranets and extranets.

If you are looking for classic ASP developers, you can trust Le Juste Web.

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Our experience with ASP 3 makes us the specialists you need to solve these malfunctions, as they are absolutely not a fatality.

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