Archaeological dating perspective radiocarbon

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Archaeological dating perspective radiocarbon

The carbon dating technique takes the assumption that all livings have fairly same percentage of 14C isotope in their body and also that the ratio of carbon-12 to carbon -14 present in the biosphere and inside the living plants and animals remain constant. After the death of the organism the carbon intake is stopped.

Advancements in this field like accelerator techniques of carbon-14 dating (C. But the advent of carbon-14 dating tools has opened up the new scope of absolute dating where scientists could predict the age of excavated artifacts and objects with great precision up to 50,000 years old.For example, if a tree was found to be used in an excavated piece of architecture, by determining the age of the tree or the period when the tree was cut down for construction, the era to which the excavated architecture exactly belongs can be estimated (Michels, J W). Based on this constant of the radioisotope of carbon, 14-C or carbon -14 the age of the organic material is assessed.It also reaches the organisms through respiration along with normal carbon-12.It is assumed that in a living object carbon-14 which undergoes decay is replaced at a steady rate. [Accessed 1 September 2019]; Available from: https://

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Radiocarbon dating enable archaeologists to provide proof of authenticity to the excavated artifacts’ period of usage and thus by collaborating with the efforts with historians and anthropologists, the unwritten history can be precisely explained.

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