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Acid dating coins

Bag marks in no way mean that a coin is not mint state.In fact, even a coin graded Mint State-67 or higher could have Coloring acquired from the bag while a coin was stored.Sometimes the weave of the cloth is visible in the toning.Some coins have crescent-shaped toning because another coin was covering part of the surface, thus preventing toning.(Coins struck in late 1837 were actually dated 1838.) More information on mintmarks.Slight friction seen on coins (usually the obverse) that were stored in wooden cabinets used by early collectors.If the coin meets CAC's standards as high-end for the assigned grade, it will receive a green CAC sticker.An error in which a coin gets jammed in the coining press and remains for successive strikes.

These are sometimes spectacular, with the cap often many times taller than a normal coin. It is possible that this discoloration is caused by a planchet imperfection prior to striking, or it may be caused by improper storage of the coin.Copper could also technically be considered as bullion.A process in which the surfaces of a coin or a planchet are shined through rubbing or polishing.Bag toning is seen most often on Morgan silver dollars.Slang term for a coin returned from a grading service in a plastic sleeve within a flip.

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